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IntelliCare is an evidence-based program delivered by smartphone apps. The ability of IntelliCare to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety is backed by research at some of the top universities and integrated healthcare delivery systems. The program reduces people’s anxiety and depression by leveraging mobile skill apps, which draw from different therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and beyond. The program is designed to fit into the fabric of people's lives and empowers them to improve their mental health.

IntelliCare is designed to help adults struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. There are 5 treatment apps that teach skills related to coping and mental well-being. The apps target:

- Motivation and self-esteem

- Negative thinking patterns

- Personal strengths

- Problem solving

- Worrying

A main "Hub" app connects the treatment apps and provides educational resources. Users of the IntelliCare program are encouraged to try one new app every week, to acquire  and master the skills the apps provide. The more the apps are used, the more benefit a user will receive. 

IntelliCare is not intended to take the place of medical evaluation and treatment. It is also not designed to be a treatment for severe forms of depression and anxiety that may require more serious care. If you believe you might have other medical conditions other than depression or anxiety, you should see a physician or go see a mental health provider for further evaluation.

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